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The only jams I have in my house are Sarabeth’s.

I love every flavor she makes, but the orange apricot marmalade is the one I reach for first.

Oprah Winfrey
O, The Oprah Magazine, Dec. 2008 issue

Many well maintained urbanites confess they're fools for these charming bakeries and brunch musts which turn out the freshly minted likes of scrumptious scones, marvelous muffins and other goodies best paired with luscious, homemade jams; the picturesque country kitchen setups are a bit precious atmospherically (and pricewise), but the whole world knows they're special so get on line early to beat the crowd on Sunday mornings.

Zagat Survey of New York City Gourmet Shopping and Entertaining, 2008

Today I discovered how the food in heaven must taste. My wife and I ate two raspberry bread puddings at your restaurant in Chelsea Market. It was so unbelievably good that we almost went back for more. I cook and bake quite well myself but that today was pure ectasy.

Alan S.

I ate at Lord and Taylor today, ordered the Cobb Salad. I order Cobb salads all the them! Yours was absolutely the very best...I loved the surprising cucumber, the super wheat berries (what are they...YUM YUM YUM), the chicken instead of turkey, the dressing...who knew basil would improve the basic buttermilk dressing so much!!!! I am so delighted with your food...can't wait to go back...we live in Virginia but come often.

Many thanks, Rosie R.

It was such a pleasure to discover a Sarabeth's right across the street from the house we recently rented for my daughter's wedding. It was also a pleasure to meet you and talk with you about New York's Sarabeth's (my son's favorite restaurant) restaurants. He and I ate there every time I visited him while he was at Columbia University.

As expected, the cuisine in your Sarabeth's was just as great as the food in the restaurants in New York! My family and I ate at your restaurant on several occasions while in Key West. It was all great!!!

Thanks again for the great food made famous by Sarabeth in New York and created again in Key West! Also, thank you for your hospitality and friendly service - a great pleasure for all of us attending my daughter's wedding. Milos was a great server!!

My best to you and good luck with your restaurant. I know I will see you again when I visit Key West again!

Pat L.

I usually order my favorite preserves from you on line - Plum Cherry and Pineapple Mango - the best!!!!! I don't get into Manhattan that often anymore (I live in Northern Westchester), but met a friend in the city yesterday and stopped by your place on the 6th floor at Lord & Taylor - service was excellent, your place is beautiful and I took home two jars of my favorite preserves. (I also like your Apricot Pineapple with currants, a pleasant surprise.)

All in all, a wonderful day!!

Phyllis N.

I just wanted to let you know that I visited NY for the first time last week and went to Sarabeth's in the Upper Westside on Amsterdam. Service was outstanding, the restaurant was beautiful and of course the food was DELICIOUS!!! Your marmalade and tomato soup, there is none to match.

Thank you so much for the great experience and great meal. I can not wait to return to NY to eat at Sarabeth's. I am telling everyone about you.

I wish you could Fed Ex your tomato soup. Mouthwatering when I think about it.

Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you again!

Andrea T.

We just visited Key West last week and I have to mention that we really enjoyed Sarabeth's resturant there. It was the best food we had the entire trip. We enjoyed the dinner so much we came back for breakfast the next day and lunch the day after that!

We had the shrimp special on Thursday night, the almond cinnamon french toast the next day and the day after we had the crab cake salad for lunch. All three meals were mouth watering, very tasty!!!

David welcomed us at each visit and stopped to chat and see if there was anything he could do to make our visit more enjoyable! The staff was awesome. I don't know how he does it. Such a young staff but I noticed they all took our visit very seriously! We were attended to like we were visiting someone's house for a meal. That we were family! That's how we felt! Very welcoming, delicious! We miss the food already!

Please let them know how much we enjoyed it!

Ray & Mary E.

I just purchased one of your strawberry-raspberry preserves at Simply Bread (24th street) here in Phoenix. We had to try it right away with our fresh bread at work. It is the best I have ever had!!!!

My friend purchased the Apricot-Peach. It is fantastic too! We both agree that they are very creamy and melt in your mouth. We will have to try 2 new flavors the next time we go.

I have also ordered the 6 jar gift set for my parents as an Easter gift. I’m sure they will love them as well.

Just wanted to thank you.

Mary D.

I recently had the opportunity to have brunch with several friends at your Amsterdam location. It was fabulous!!!! The food was excellent and the atmosphere was wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. As part of our brunch we also enjoyed what you called the Four Flower Mimosa made with your four flower juice. I was wondering if I could purchase the juice. Or if it wasn't a secret recipe, would it be possible to have the recipe for the juice? We know what the four ingredients are but don't know the proportions of each. We have not been able to stop commenting on both the food and the drink. Please let me know if you would be so kind as to send us the recipe?

Thank you for a wonderful brunch and lovely memories. We plan on returning to New York in the fall and are planning on coming to your restaurant again.

Linda H.

I was in NYC last week on holidays and am now kicking myself for not purchasing more bottles of your jam. It is so delicious.

Susie E.

Several years ago I bought a jar of strawberry peach at a local Williams-Sonoma store. I thought it was expensive but the first taste got me totally hooked. Yesterday I had the bright idea to look at your website and found not only the strawberry peach, but also chunky apple.

These are the best jams I've ever had that weren’t actually homemade. I have read the ingredient list and am impressed that there are no chemicals and nothing other than what one would expect to find in a quality homemade product. You have me as a customer forever even if it is by mail order. Thank you so much!

Susan S.

At Christmastime, my husband and I went to visit some friends out of town and had the opportunity to pick up some treats at Dean & Deluca. For the first time I had the privilege to pick up one of your famous jams (Apple Chunk) at the store. I have to say that it was sheer delight to experience the taste of your product! It was the best jam I've ever tasted!

This is just a note to say thank you and please keep up the good work!!!

Diva N.

I would always look at your jam because the flavors would catch my eye, like the Pineapple Mango & the Chunky Apple. They all look good but the problem was the price. What finally got me to break down was the customers that had tried it already and were raving about it.

Well needless to say, I’m glad I did, it is delicious! Just wanted to let you know that.

Yvonne S.

I’m sure you get bombarded with tons of emails, but I just had to tell you just how much I enjoy your Strawberry Peach preserves…I can’t get enough! It’s hard to find food today that you can really enjoy and not just settle for. I just wanted to say "thank you" for making such a wonderfully delicious product.

Kate B.

This is just a quick email to let you know we had lunch at Sarabeth's in the upper west side this afternoon and it was first class. We had pancakes and salmon egg benedict. The food and service were fantastic. Well done to the staff, polite friendly and efficient.
Two happy well fed Irish tourists

Michael and Claire

My husband and i just wanted to let you know what a wonderful meal(s) we had in Key West. We had the best dinner and decided to go back the next morning for breakfast. Both meals were just awesome. From the proprietor to the servers, everyone was just a delight. We live in NJ and will be dining in NY, Thank you!!

Joanne J.

OMG. your jelly, “spreadable fruit”!!! Strawberry Peach. Just out of this world. Forget the bread or crackers, just give me a spoon.

Danielle B.

I love your Peach Apricot jelly! It tastes so good on toast. I really enjoy jellies, preserves and jams. So, I've tried a lot, but I think yours are the best!! Thanks so much for all the yummy treats!

Sarah D.
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